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Kenmore Automotive
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Kenmore Automotive
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Gail S. 
Jan 10, 2016 
5 Star Review 
You have always been so helpful to deal with and I appreciate your excellent service.

Bryan W. 
Jan 8, 2016 
5 Star Review 
I have been going to Kenmore Automotive for service on my somewhat old pickup truck for about three years and I continue to be fully satisfied in all ways. 
They are honest, reliable and I feel that they are fair with the charges for the service rendered. 
In one case there was a further problem after a repair was done and they took care of it promptly and at no charge. 
The message that they stand behind their work came through loud and clear.

Richard L 
Nov 2015 
5 Star Review 
Mechanics worked on a puzzler regarding a brake light malfunction and got the job done.

Sally W. 
Nov. 2015 
5 Star Review 
I always get good work done and in a timely manner. I trust them and have for 15 years starting in Mt. Lake Terrace. I am a loyal customer. They do good work.

Bruce F. 
Nov. 2015 
5 Star Review 
Great service would recommend to all!

Bob L. 
Oct. 2015 
5 Star Review 
I have been taking my cars to Kenmore Automotive for years. 
Although the cars may have changed over that time, the quality of service, fairness of pricing and dedication to keeping their commitments has stayed as strong as ever. 
My confidence and trust in their abilities has been rewarded each and every time. 
David has put together a really solid team and has built the kind of local, home grown business that we all hope to find in our community. 

Tracy W. 
Nov. 2015 
5 Star Review 
I just LOVE Kenmore Auto!!!! 
I took my vehicle in because my electric windows wouldn't work. 
They found 2 wires that have been broken in the door jamb, so they ran new ones. 
I went to pick up my car and also learned that they fixed my e-brake handle (which I never said anything to them about). They must of just noticed it and fixed it. 
I totally was surprised and had to call them to thank them. 
It may not be much for them to do, but it is way appreciative that they not only fixed it, but they noticed it. 
Also, just a few days ago, I also just noticed that they fixed my back up beeper. It now works again too! 
I will always go with them because I trust them and I would refer everyone I know to them! Great job !!!!!!!

Jaemin Y. 
Nov. 2015 
5 Star Review 
Great service, communication was easy. Friendly staff and a job well done, what more do you need?

Rocky & Kristi O. 
Nov. 2015 
5 Star Review 
Our family has been doing business with Kenmore Automotive for years. 
Their service is fair, complete and equitabily priced. They ensure your vehicle is service is right. 
If for some reason it is not right to your satisfaction, they will make it right! Service is usually completed in one day. 
I would, without reservation, recommend Kenmore Automotive to a friend.

Laura M. 
Oct. 2015 
5 star 
I was very happy with everything about Kenmore automotive. 
The turnaround time was great and prices are reasonable. 
It's good to feel you can trust your mechanic.

DJ F. 
Oct. 2015 
Awesome service, pricing and communication. 
Had them put a motor in my Nissan Maxima and they were very prompt and went out of their way to make it as simple for me as possible.