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Brake Repair

Soft Brakes or Pulsing Brakes?  Give us a call (425) 486-4666 
We will fix them right and make them safe again.


Engine Repair

Does your car Need a Tune up or
a New Timing Chain - Belt ?
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Clutch Repair

Manual Transmission Experts !
We can fix your clutch and have you shifting smoothly again.

Auto Service

Kenmore Automotive is your one stop shop for automotive service and maintenance. We provide  automotive services at affordable prices.

We offer high quality fast  service  and use high quality products. Our service and maintenance will to keep your vehicle well maintained and running for years.

We offer:  
Cooling System Flush, Transmission Fluid Service, Drive-train Service, 
Air Conditioning Service, Tire Service, Timing Belt Replacement Service,
Preventive Maintenance 30k/60k/90k Service,  Wheel Alignment Service, 

Kenmore Automotive
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Oil Change Service

We provide Oil Change Service  to our customers at reasonable and competitive prices. We use API approved Premium Conventional, Premium Blend, and Full Synthetic Motor Oils. Today's engines need the right oil as per manufacturer specification, that's why we only carry the oils that meet or exceed manufacturer specifications for your vehicle .

We stock Premium Conventional Oil, Premium Synthetic Blend Oil, Full Synthetic Oil, GM Full Synthetic Dexos Specified Oil, and Premium Diesel Oil. Some of the Grades we carry are 5w/30, 5w/20, 10w/30, 0w/20, and 15w/40 Motor Oils. Today's motors oils are different than the motor oils of the past, Today they are liquid chemistry, so it doesn't pay to use cheap oil!
Call for a Oil Change Appointment Today  (425) 486-4666.

Differential Gear Oil Service

We offer Premium Differential Gear Oil Service. Our gear oils are designed to reduce gear wear with special anti-wear additives. We following your manufacturers Gear Oil Service Recommendations when we service your car. This will help you prolong your cars differential life. Differential Gear Oil degrades with use, so it's a good idea to have us service your differentials. Call us for an appointment to perform  your 60k, 90k, and 120k Lubrication Service Intervals, as per your vehicle manufacturers specifications.

Have a All Wheel or 4-Wheel Drive vehicle? We can give you the service you need and we also service transfer cases, and primary drive systems.


Transmission Fluid Service

Transmission Fluid Service is designed to remove your old worn out fluid and give you a clean fresh fluid that will help you keep your transmission running smooth and cool. Excess Heat is a Big Cause of TRANSMISSION FAILURE. Automatic Transmission Fluid ”ATF” is designed to dissipate heat, keep your transmission cool, and create a hydraulic effect which allows your car to shift smoothly. Your Automatic Transmissions may also need a filter change. Filters need to be changed  that need to be changed as per your vehicle manufacturers specifications to keep your transmission working properly and to prolong it's life. ATF also degrades with use, so give us a call to discuss the recommended transmission service intervals for your vehicle.

We only use high quality Full Synthetic Automatic Transmission fluid  and Premium DEX III fluid, as per manufacture specifications.

Call for a Transmission Fluid Service Appointment Today  (425) 486-4666.