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Brake Repair

Brake Problems?
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We can make them safe and quiet again.
Might be time to repair or replace Pads, Calipers, & Rotors.


Engine Repair

We are Engine Diagnostic Experts. We do Engine Service, Tune-up’s, Hoses and Belt Replacements, and Timing Chain  or Timing Belt Replacements.


Ignition Repair

At Kenmore Automotive, we can fix your ignition problems.
If your car is hard to start or if you just need a new battery.
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 Auto Repair & Maintenance Service  (425) 486-4666 

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We Replace Timing Chains


We Replace & Repair Engines


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Engine  Tune Up Benefits


Tuning Up your vehicle equals better fuel economy!
Did you realize that you may be able to increase your cars fuel efficiency by as much as 2 to 4% by just getting  a Engine Tune-up?
Tuning Up your engine can save you money at the gas pump. Yes, It is fairly common to see increases of 2% in fuel mileage after a complete engine tune up.
We  are experts at auto engine tuning and performance tune up’s. We run complete computer diagnostic tests to see what components are not working correctly and costing you fuel mileage. We make sure your fuel injectors are working properly and check for ignition faults that may be causing you performance issues. Call today and schedule a Tune Up! 
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Need Brake Pads, Brake Shoes, or Rotors Turned?


We are Brake Repair Specialists and offer affordable brake repair services.
Did you Know .....
That one of the Most Common  Vehicle Safety Issues is the Lack of Service on Brakes. Most vehicles brakes need to be checked approximately every 40,000 miles to make sure they do not have excess wear and that they are safe and in good working order. When we check your brakes, we also check your Brake Fluid because it can degrade with time and mileage. After we inspect your cars brake systems and components, we will give you a written estimate of what work needs to be done and also discuss brake service intervals for your cars brake fluid, brake pads, disk brake rotors and calipers, or drums.

Please note that most cars  front brakes wear faster than rear brakes, and it is less expensive to replace the front brake pads before they damage your brake rotors.

Call for a Brake Check-up Today

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When was the Last Time you had Your
Automatic or Manual Transmission Serviced?

photo of transmission cutaway

Have a Automatic Transmission?
Did you Know ..... Failure to service your transmission will reduce its life expectancy!
Lack of Service is one of the Biggest Cause of TRANSMISSION FAILURE. Automatic Transmissions have ATF Fluid and filters that need to be changed. Fluids degrade with time and mileage, see your manufacture’s recommended intervals of service or call us to discuss service intervals for your vehicles transmission.

clutch image

Have a Manual Transmission?
Manual transmissions have Clutch Plates that wear with use. It is always less costly to service and replace them before they are so worn that damage is done to other transmission parts. A Slipping Clutch is a warning that it is time to have us replace these worn parts.